Life's better when you sell more annual subscriptions.

Lemon is a Subscribe Now, Pay Later checkout that helps SaaS companies sell more annual plans.

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Convert more monthly customers into annual subscribers

You know how difficult it is to get SaaS customers to pay annually instead of monthly, because they can't afford the up-front cost?

Well, instead of having to put up with the higher churn that comes with monthly payments, we've built a solution tailor-made for SaaS companies.

Lemon is a SaaS checkout that saves money for your customers by spreading the annual fee over 12 interest-free instalments, whilst you get paid upfront, instantly⚡️!

Think of it like Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for SaaS. Except, we call it Subscribe Now, Pay Later.

Product screenshot

Lemon is the new way businesses are buying SaaS

How does Lemon work?

Install the Lemon widget

Add the Lemon javascript snippet to your pages where your customers sign up and upgrade to add a Lemon banner.

Customers choose Lemon at checkout

Your customers can choose to use Lemon at checkout, via the banner. This will open the Lemon checkout experience as an overlay on your site.

You get paid up-front

Once your customers have checked out with Lemon, we pay you the annual fee up-front. Your customers pay us over 12 interest-free instalments.

We're declaring war on monthly subscriptions ⚔️

It's time to reevaluate the monthly subscription model with Lemon's Subscribe Now, Pay Later checkout.

Protester holding a placard that says 'No More Monthly Subscriptions'.

Here's how annual payments super power your business:

  • Collect your ARR immediatelyAnnual payments provide immediate liquidity which can be invested back into your business.
  • Reduce churnCustomers who commit annually are generally less likely to churn, leading to more predictable and stable revenue.
  • Increase conversionCompetitive pricing can help secure more customers.
  • Shorter sales cyclesExpedite your sales cycles with simplified decision-making and reduced friction. Annual plans can result in customers being more committed and engaged with the product, leading to deeper product adoption..
  • Customer CommitmentAnnual plans can result in customers being more committed and engaged with the product, leading to deeper product adoption.
  • PredictabilityAnnual contracts can give businesses a clearer picture of their future revenue, making it easier to make long-term plans and investments.