Finally get clarity on your company's software spending

...and reclaim thousands in wasted spending.

Lemon is a free software subscription tracking & financing platform.

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Eliminate subscription chaos

The cost-saving way to organise and pay for subscriptions effortlessly

Did you know that SMBs spend £6,000 more annually on software subscriptions than they realise?

Lemon's free software subscription tracking platform helps you get your software spending under control.

Track new subscriptions in seconds

Add, track and manage multiple subscriptions — including products, plans, costs, and renewal dates — in just a few clicks.

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Get the true view of your software

See all your subscriptions in one place. Check upcoming renewals, track costs in your currency, and quickly identify any incomplete data.

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New Flexible Tracking

You can now start entering your subscription data immediately without having all your subscription data to hand. Lemon allows subscription to be tracked with missing data and lets you and your team complete it as you discover more.

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We've made it easy to get started

You don't need to spend weeks running an audit!

Sign up for free

Quickly create your account, invite your team, and begin tracking your subscriptions.


Gain instant insights

See where you're overspending right from the start.


Enhance your data

Collaboratively refine your subscription details to establish a reliable source of truth.


Start making sense of your subscriptions today.

This is just the beginning

We're building a platform to help you save even more

Only pay for the software you actually use

Clearly see all the tools and licences that you don’t use or are duplicated, track upcoming renewal dates and easily manage your cancellations... All in one simple dashboard.

Get the best price for the software you buy

Secure the lower annual price while still paying monthly. How? We’ll pay your vendor the full annual fee upfront and then you pay us back in monthly installments. Saving up to 30% with each purchase!

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Without lifting a finger

No more hours of updating spreadsheets or waiting around for credit approval. Lemon updates subscriptions automatically and approves you for credit in seconds – so you can just focus on running your business as usual!

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