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A single view of all your SaaS spending

lemon helps startups & small businesses manage their SaaS subscriptions, and save money by discovering wasted spend.

Oh, and it's free!

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Built for startups and small businesses

Never again forget which SaaS subscriptions you're paying for

You know how hard it is trying to manage and keep track of all your SaaS subscriptions at your business. You end up losing track and over-spending.

Well, instead of using spreadsheets (or even worse, your head!), we've built a solution perfect for startups and small businesses that saves you money by discovering wasted spend.

lemon's simple, yet beautiful free SaaS subscription management software helps you focus on your business, not your tools.

Everything you need in one place

One view to rule them all

lemon makes it easy to review and manage all the products and services you are using in one place.

Save money

Quickly discover how much you are spending, broken down by categories and teams.

Plan, budget and forecast

lemon's dashboard allows you to view upcoming renewals at a glance.

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