Save thousands on your software subscription expenses

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Free software subscription tracking & financing platform for digital, service-based SMBs.

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Subscription chaos

Do you know how much you're really spending on software subscriptions?

On average, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) spend £6,000 more annually on software subscriptions than they realise.

You could be letting £500 of your hard-earned money slip through the cracks every month!

Why is this happening?

Keeping track of your subscriptions and software spend is a mess. You end up paying for tools and licences you don't need and can often forget to cancel renewals.

Not to mention you have to pay the (seemingly unavoidable) higher monthly plan, because who has the cashflow for the one off annual fee anyway?!

Introducing Lemon

The cost-saving way to organise and pay for subscriptions effortlessly

Lemon is a free software subscription tracking & financing platform.

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Loved by marketing & digital agencies

Only pay for the software you actually use

Clearly see all the tools and licences that you don’t use or are duplicated, track upcoming renewal dates and easily manage your cancellations... All in one simple dashboard.

Get the best price for the software you buy

Secure the lower annual price while still paying monthly. How? We’ll pay your vendor the full annual fee upfront and then you pay us back in monthly installments. Saving up to 30% with each purchase!

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Without lifting a finger

No more hours of updating spreadsheets or waiting around for credit approval. Lemon updates subscriptions automatically and approves you for credit in seconds – so you can just focus on running your business as usual!

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Maximise cashflow

Free up cash to spend on the things that make you money

Increase your marketing budget, invest in your product development, give your team a bonus, book weekly massages!

Unlock a new pool of money that you can invest into the things that actually matter to you and your business!


It’s dead simple to get started

...and a financial no-brainer!

Create a free account, invite your team & import your subscriptions in 20 mins.
Start saving immediately with full visibility into where you’re overpaying.
Start to secure the lower annual price (while paying monthly) for new subscriptions.

Start making sense of your subscriptions today.